Arden Skoglund Music in Minnetonka, Minnesota


I must tell you again that last night's musical was amazing!  To feel God's presence in the midst of the musical is a thing beyond words.  Even though I was very  familiar with the musical, the kids drew me in to the storyline, almost like I was waiting to see what would happen next even though I knew the next line!  To see them truly jump into character so convincingly was wonderful.  On the way home last night, Mom (81 years) said, "It was just like they were really having a conversation with each other."  Mission accomplished in the acting world!  Musically, I just wanted to bask in it!  It was great!  Everyone seemed sincere in the words they were singing.  It sounded beautiful!  There wasn't any "deadtime" between scenes because those in charge of that were on the ball!  The choreography gave me goosebumps more than once when combined with the powerful words they helped portray.  The part in "While You Were Sleeping"  with the save the trees and kill the children brought me to tears as well as the Bridegroom returning for His bride.  Maybe it was my front row seat but it took my breath away!  The "Lead Me to the Cross" was very powerful with the  human cross....and the "Time We Have Left" with coming full circle with the people just living their lives at the beginning and end has got to make everyone stop and think including myself!  Oh my, I could go on and on! I couldn't help but think of all the wonderful people that will get the opportunity to hear this in the next few days and the hope that you will bring to them!  Beyond that, I thought of days and years ahead when each of these kids will be in situations that I hope and pray that the words and dramas and choreography will ring in their ears and flash before their eyes to remind them to "keep it real!"  Diane

I really felt like the musical was more real than the musicals I have done in the past. The musical that was arranged especially for a high school group, was extra powerful thanks to the fine tuned three part harmony. I felt that this year we were able to reach a new level of ministry through the expressive music and drama. Laurie

I participated in Keepin' it Real. We performed at some nursing homes and many people told me afterwards how much it had touched them. I think that my favorite part of Keepin' it Real is the songs. They are very meaningful and uplifting. In my opinion the songs in Keepin' it Real are better than those in High School Musical. If you are thinking about buying Keepin' it Real, do it. CV

Keepin' It Real was an amazing musical with a wonderful message that brought me to tears. The songs were wonderfully arranged and the words so meaningful. Thanks to then entire crew who wrote, directed and performed to God's glory!! Terri

I really liked this drama because even if you didn’t get an acting part, you were still involved in most of the drama. The musical also has a great lesson to learn, too! I love the mix of songs and the variety that will keep any listener intrigued. Christina B.

Keepin’ it Real has really had a big impact on me.  It has encouraged me to stay real no matter where I am or who I am with.  This musical is different than any musical I have ever preformed in.  Number one, the music is AWESOME!!!!  Most years I just sing the songs, but this year the music and drama content really taught me a lesson.  The theme of Keepin’ it Real is “ Living life as God would have you live it”, and this is what it has encouraged me to do --to live life as God would have me live it.  This has impacted my life and I am sure it will impact those who participate in the musical and the audience as well.   Michaiah M.